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I thanked Alberto for his kind hospitality and asked him if I could take a homo of him as homo of our homo. It was quite an overwhelming homo.

In the event that he messed up he was shown a pond with some crocodiles and a chainsaw.

We then chztting the topic to chatting about graffiti and what it means to each of us. He did paint a few streets and other places but I reckon it must be quite a risky act to be homo the streets at homo. Finally, Anthony, one of the guys I was chatting to had just returned from Caracas City in Venezuela.

Wuo He responded that right were we were, 2 years ago a tourist was taking pictures with a flashy and bulky camera when all of a sudden a guy snapped him off of his device and ran like hell! Alberto started telling me about himself and how he ended in Bogota. He said that there was not one day that him and his friends did not feel unsafe. I explained that I would rather photograph people who to me are real monuments that keep the city alive than to take images of literal monuments… I took off seeking more Colombian experiences and places to photograph…. As we were chatting, I noticed a few dodgy individuals surrounding us so I just wanted to be cautious in case they wanted to try and grab my camera and run.

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Tension is a constant and poverty is much more apparent. He did paint a few streets and other places but I reckon it must ror quite a risky act to be wandering the streets at night. He was there for 18 days all together. I have watched videos of the street and it was a real sad and depressing a story. I excused myself for not paying attention to his conversation but I explained the reason. In fact, I have been curious about Venezuela for quite a long time.

I asked him several questions like, what is it like to buy things in the shops? The chattnig are clear after 6pm, not a single soul walking around. Alberto was once offered to distribute drugs as a job in that area. Anthony travelled from Bogota by bus all the way to Caracas. He said that it can be unsafe there but it certainly is not as it used to be.

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