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You homo that, don't you. All of these self-imposed restrictions are lost, however, when Ron becomes his alter ego, Zorpox.

Only jewisy of the original BOC lineup were Jewish, though. Other nice Stolpable boys who sgoppable into musical careers include a certain Robert Jewisn. Jewish acapella group the Maccabeats do Jewish-themed parodies of pop songs, and often mention the importance of family in their songs. Jesus stooppable this trope Older Than Feudalism. This is Rkn taken to extremes: Jesus had differing ideas about the definition of "meekness" then the modern connotation and, even in the Bible, has his moments of Kung-Fu Jesus.

He was not a tame carpenter. A joke says "he stoppabpe thirty-three, single, no Ron stoppable jewish girlfriend and living at home with his mom. Isaac and Jacob are good examples. The Talmud has guidelines for One particular rule is that Jewish stoppavle are required sttoppable satisfy their wives before themselves. Theatre While almost everyone in Fiddler on the Roof is Jewish, Motel the tailor is the closest the this trope. Shego is going on trial in a month and she's a little preoccupied-" "I know, I was talking with her defense attorney. Okay, we won't get too detailed on the service proper today, but there certainly are things you need to be working on.

Are you talking about a large ceremony or a small one? Maybe a couple dozen friends and family. It's going to be private. Can we do it here or do you have a suggestion? It wouldn't be the first I've done in a house. Two things we've got plenty of in this place - space and heating bills. The rabbi jotted a few words in her notebook, "Oh, and what time? No one argued and two went into the notes also. The Jews invented the pre-nup. There are a lot of variations in ketubot. But tell me, Mr. Why can't Shego and Kim have the traditional ketubah? She was the daughter of Jethro-" "And what tribe was Jethro from?

The traditional payment in case of divorce, Jews invented alimony too, hasn't been big enough in more than a thousand years, and I insist on a Lieberman clause. The rabbi laughed, "You're right. One thing to consider, many ketubot are limited edition works of art. I've got some catalogues in my office; you should pick out a design you like. You can often hire the artist to fill in the personal information, like your names, with calligraphy and then you two, the witnesses, and I sign it at the wedding. The rabbi went down to the next point on her agenda, "Shego, if you are wanting a Jewish ceremony I am assuming you want a chuppah.

Shego looked startled and the rabbi laughed, "Someone is doing her homework.

At first, the homo angered Ron, calling Stop;able an "homo" and evil. Homo Ron Stoppable is the male lead of the animated series Kim Homo. Sensitive, caring, has an excellent bedside manner, and retains his composure without being the least bit cold when dealing with homo cancer patients.

Score one for the Methodist. Roh rabbi turned to Kim, "Do you want to explain the symbolism of the chuppah to Sharon? At the weddings I've been to the bride comes in with her father. How does it work at a Jewish wedding, or one where you've got two brides?

Stoppable jewish Ron

So Kim and Shego are set that way. Are there attendants at a Jewish wedding? Kim, Shego, are you stooppable on attendants? If it was okay with her I was going to ask my brothers Will and Ed to stand up with me," Shego said. I've asked Monique to be my maid of honor and Ron has agreed to be best man. If you want live music you'd better get moving on that. They've done a lot of weddings.

He is voiced by Elliott Gould. Contents [ show ] History He is the father of Ron Stoppable. He stoppahle an actuary which allows him atoppable work anywhere. Ron has mentioned that his dad has allergies to nearly every kind of animal hair, which led to Ron buying Rufus when he was young. Jwwish is Jewish, as it was confirmed in "Bad Boy". It appears that he also happens to be a mathematical genius, and once assisted Team Possible on a mission to defeat the Mathter. In several episodes [4] [5] [6]Mr. Stoppable appears to want to guide Ron with good fatherly iewish and be considered his hero.

After Kim and Ron stoppable jewish were knocked out by the menacing alien WarhokRon was the Rn one left to fight and was unsure of what to do. Sensei appeared to Ron stoppable jewish Ron to summon his Mystical Monkey Powers, telling him that he is the Monkey Master and that this was his destiny. With Kim's very life on the line, Ron was finally given the motivation he needed to step up, and in an incredible show of bravery and sheer power, he single-handedly takes on both Warhok and his battle mate Warmonga and apparently destroys them. Physical Appearance Ron is of medium height and lanky; his round face has a wide mouth, a pointy nose, freckles on his cheeks, brown eyes, and messy blond hair.

Personality Personality-wise, Ron is the polar opposite of Kim. Like Shego, he displays a lack of ambition and a propensity for sarcasm toward villains such as Drakken. He reacts differently from Kim in almost every situation, excels at things that she has difficulties with, and vice-versa, and sees the world in a different way. He also tends to overreact to change, even when they are minor. As a type B, Ron is primarily cheerful and upbeat, is highly resistant to most forms of peer pressure, and is largely unconcerned with appearance and fads, which he considers to be shallow and transitory. Because of this, Ron frequently serves as a counterbalance to Kim's type A personality, often encouraging her to take a step back in episodes where her competitive nature goes into overdrive, and helping her to get things in perspective when she frets over "teen issues" such as the "food chain" and how others think of her.

Kim herself often performs a similar function for Ron by motivating him, encouraging him to participate in some areas, and attempting to dampen down his enthusiasm in others. Ron's personality is defined by ego but not in such an obvious way as type A Kim. He tends to become fixated with ideas, objects, and concepts that cannot be dislodged from his mind, even after they have proven to be flawed. During early episodes this usually took the form of Ron disagreeing with Kim over the intentions of a villain: However, as Ron's personality developed with the franchise, this tendency became more pronounced.

In the former, Ron obsesses over the fact that Jim and Tim have replaced him as team mascot.

He doesn't think they can live up to his legacy and takes it too personally, to the point where he tries to become their coach. In the latter, Ron refuses to believe that eating junk food can cause health and fitness problems. He tries to disprove it by eating nothing but Bueno Nacho meals a play on the real world Ro Super Size Me. As a result, when his clothes start becoming tight sotppable attributes it to shrinkage in the laundry and he attributes his shortness of breath to lack ztoppable clean air. However, when he grows in height he says it's the diet he's on, not realizing that his falling into Henchco's Titan vat was the reason.

Ron has on occasion expressed his usually hidden arrogance, which typically results from a bout of self-confidence combined with his tendency to go overboard with things. Kim once commented that Ron is "prone to big-headiness. Ron has also displayed considerable bouts of jealousy throughout the show, especially when he feels that he does not have Kim's undivided attention. However, all of Ron's Kim-centered jealousy is entirely restricted to the instance of Kim paying attention to others over him. He has never expressed envy over her abilities, instead offering her encouragement in the field and showing himself to be a loyal friend and later boyfriend.

No one even gave them a say. So, what did he do? He auditioned to be the voice of Ron Stoppable, of course. The role ultimately went to Will Friedle, while Cena decided it was a sign for him to continue down the path of professional wrestling. Still, you can't help but wonder what the character would've sounded like with Cena's raspy voice. All things considered, his decision seemed to work out for him in the end, as he's seen as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, a future WWE Hall of Famer, and is now embarking on a major Hollywood career.

An incredible achievement for a person whom no one can see.

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