Restaurant kitchen door hinges

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Typically, double panel doors are used to fill openings anywhere between 36" and 84" wide.

Hinge Side Since double panel doors will have a hinge on each door panel, a hinge side is needed for single panel doors only. To determine a hinge side, imagine yourself walking through the door. As you push the door, which way does it swing open? That is the side the hinge is on. Add your finished opening measurements. Always measure the opening and not the door. Enter your opening width and height in inches in the boxes provided on the product pages.

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Impact Restaurabt Impact plates add an aesthetic appeal and will improve the durability of the door panel. Laminate or Color Options Integrate our products seamlessly into the design of your building, or choose a contrasting color that will complement your decor. A similar pin that holds the bottom of the swing door in place is centered 2 inches from the jamb. This is Restaurat is meant by offset. As the traffic door is pushed open, the door panel changes from a completely vertical plane to a slightly angled plane. The weight of the panel - or gravity - causes the door to return to the closed position.

Any time that the door is not in the fully closed position, there is only one wheel in contact with the plate. Because gravity plays a large part in the function of these hinges, the heavier and wider a door is, the better they work. We do not use these hinges on doors that are less than 20" wide. Used on hollow, sheet, core and gate doors, light to medium duty applications. This is an in-line cam hinge, which means that the pivot point at both the top and bottom are the same 2 inch distance from the jamb. All hinge components are hidden inside of an extruded aluminum back spine.

There are no cutouts in the panel except when a jamb guard is used. A bottom L bracket holds a cam which serves both as a pivot pin. It has three set screws for its centering adjustment. Above the cam pin inside of the bottom of the spine is a fixed mating cam. In the upper part of the spine there is a plug below a tempered coil spring.

Hinges Restaurant kitchen door

Above the spring is the top L bracket with a bushing on a pin. During operation, the spine and lower mating cam inside rotate on the pivot cam which causes the panel to rise. As it rises, the plug in the upper part of the spine causes the spring to compress against the bushing on the top L bracket. The spring expansion assists gravity, forcing the door to lower itself back to the closed position and center as the two lower cams are mated back in place. The attachment of the hinge to the panel is made with the spine. Because this hinge is inline and spring assisted, the weight and size of the panel is not critical and does not have any limitations on minimum size.

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