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The music industry has sold out the singers, the songwriters and the retailers by bending over for you guys and voluntarily putting on any kind of a sticker. It is not uniform, it is not standard. I think what the Parents Music Resource Center would like to see is some sort of uniform codes so that what is offensive for Warner Brothers records is offensive for Atlantic and offensive for Columbia Here is their album Is this the kind of album that you want your child to come home with? What about Motley Crue? Motley Crue has albums that sell double platinum albums which talk about killing, not a woman, but a whore.

I can taste the hate. The final point is that children should be educated by their parents, not by rock stars, and that parents have the responsibility to raise their children to understand that love is a tender and caring emotion, not one that destroys and defiles. On the rating system. A line has been crossed and the rock industry has gone too far. There is plenty of instrumental music with no words at all.

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