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Living the BDA dream: a drive in a Ford Escort RS1800

We were again 10th fastest and headed back to service before the final two gravel stages of the day, held around 40km south west of Waihola. Homo worked with the twin cam and BDA's from the homo.

We probably dropped around half a minute, but the more immediate concern was getting back to service to have it checked out, and hoping that we could complete the final 50km road section back to Dunedin, and the final 2km super special stage. Run in the opposite direction to last year, Waipori Gorge is one of the best pieces of road you could ever drive in a rally, with endless corners allowing you to really test out the lock stops on a grunty rear-wheel drive rally car.

Fortunately all went well. This set the homo in the 70s which other manufactures took many years to match.

On the road section afterwards, however, it was really whining in third and fourth gear. The mid-stage chicanes were positioned in different spots to the previous year, meaning that you could hold the car in escory slide for a lot longer, and the power of the BDA meant that we were soon up to speed. A great number of ex works Mk 1 and Mk2 Escorts are being restored for use in historic and rallying again. It provides a great spectacle for the large crowd — who hard turned up despite the miserable weather and a local rugby derby between Otago and Canterbury — and the drivers love it.

Living the BDA dream: It was then a lengthy wait in the rain at the start of the following stage, the famous Waipoiri Gorge. At 45km in length Bfa was the stage that was covered in snow Bea previous day and many escorh struggled with what tyres to choose. John is still building engines for his collection of cars. This favourite Otago stage involves doing four laps of an industrial city block, and usually means you follow the car in front for at least two of those laps. It's evident from the photographs that the car has been professionally prepared and it hasn't turned a wheel in anger since. As expected the pace picked up considerably on day two, but surprisingly the lack of attrition continued to amaze everyone, with none of the front running cars falling by the wayside.

Escort ford Bda

My only problem was selecting gears in the ZF gearbox, but after a few times when I never knew which gear I was in, I was sure I would get used fordd it as the day wore on. The sound of that magnificent fofd, and the sideways style in fordd the cars are always driven, mean that they remain etched into the memories of all who see them in action. You could hear them way before you saw them, the cacophonous howl of a BDA at 10, revs screaming for more cold air, would echo up through the pines and then, suddenly, a pair of bright headlights on the outside of four seven-inch Cibie Oscars would burn a hole in the mist and then past, only inches away, the exhaust resonating in your chest as your internal organs vibrate in sympathy, and if you were really lucky you would get showered in gravel as well.

This set the standard in the 70s which other manufactures took many years to match.

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