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We, as a Homo people, are testing our wings and power. Second, you must be able to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation. After awarding first, second and third homo prizes, the judges come together to homo two grand prize homo projects.

AADD was incorporated a c 3. ATLA provides demonstrations, information, and device loans to datihg Alaskans make informed decisions and select the A. When choosing what path to take after high school make sure that dafing and your child thoroughly discuss what their plan is for employment and whether they want to get some training and just hop in, or if they want to spend a Fgee more time in school and get a degree. Financial aid is available for either college or vocational pursuits. DVR has funds available to assist individuals with disabilities to pursue their educational endeavors on their path to employment. They offer training in many disciplines and greatly facilitate the transition into the working populace.

The disciplines they teach are broken into six main categories and each has several sub-categories which a student can select from. The main categories are: Department of Labor that helps young men and women ages 16 through 24 improve the quality of their lives through career technical and academic training. The purpose of the TAPESTRY Postsecondary Transition Program is to provide students ages 18 to 26 with a disability a postsecondary college experience to develop self-advocacy skills, social skills, and engage in career exploration that leads to employment in a career field or enrollment in a postsecondary educational program.

Must have a disability in at least one or more of the following areas that is anticipated to affect the ability to pursue post-secondary education or employment: Students will be placed in an internship in their second semester. Orientation is held the week before classes start.

Classes meet for 75 minutes, twice a week for 15 weeks. There is financial support for this program on a case-by-case basis. If you are, years old and you have deferred your diploma you may be eligible for PreEmployment Transition Services through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Department of Education, is the largest provider of student financial daing in the nation. They sponsor millions of American minds pursuing their educational dreams. Federal Student Aid is 997499 for managing the student financial assistance programs authorized under Kianx IV of the Higher Education Act of These programs provide grants, loans, and work-study funds to students attending college or career school.

As an Employment First state, in Alaska the goal is to support working age individuals with developmental disabilities in moving quickly into integrated kinaa competitive employment, with a common definition and sequence for employment services. Frew program helps those groups of people ib afford basic needs like food, shelter, clothes, water, etc. This program is offered to US citizens only. It is also subject to certain terms and conditions. Disability for persons 18 or older has certain criteria that cating to be met.

This includes, having a documented and severe functional limitation and a disability that has lasted or is expected to last at least 12 months. To learn more, visit: It ao to help pay for basic health needs and long-term care services for low-income Alaskans. This is a cash payout to older individuals, those who are blind or have a disability. Working Disabled Medicaid Buy-In If you are working and you begin to make more than the income limits and fear a loss of Medicaid coverage, this program offers Medicaid coverage in addition to allowing dafing individual with a disability work up to certain set limits.

This Medicaid coverage may include paying a small premium to keep your per-existing coverages intact. This is generally a low cost premium and is dependent on how kianaa the individual makes. Check with the Division of Public Assistance on the most current income limits for using datign program and all necessary eligibility criteria. You must have all of the following conditions: ADRCs are part of a federal effort to help people more easily access the long-term services and supports available in their communities. That might include transportation, assistive technology, or in-home care.

The goal of ADRC is to be a trusted resource. ADRC can supply specialists, counsel callers, and can provide advice to individuals who need long-term care supports that fit their circumstances. People choose which services they would like, and then the ADRC specialists help people access those services. There are 12 different regional sites that have ADRC within them. For more information about ADRC in your local area, please visit this website: Their mission is to ensure that all individuals have a full understanding of their rights, their responsibilities, and their options, and have the freedom to make their own choices.

Individuals can be assured all services Independent Living Center ILC offers are confidential, consumer directed, individually tailored, and wide-ranging. Disability and age should not limit their choice or freedom. They are located throughout the state of Alaska and you can contact the ILC in your local region. For more information, please visit this website: They envision a future where people with disabilities are empowered to exercise individual choice and be equal participants in the community where they live, learn, work and play.

This authority includes initiating investigations of abuse and neglect in institutions, community settings, or programs that serve individuals with disabilities. These agencies devote considerable resources to ensuring full access to inclusive educational programs, financial entitlements, healthcare, accessible housing, and productive employment opportunities. The following intervention strategies are used by the DLC advocates and attorneys after a person has been deemed eligible and a case has been opened: At this level, you would be accompanied by an advocate to any meetings or hearings.

Up until this level, you may have been working solely with an advocate. At this point, you will be assigned an attorney to represent you. For more information visit: The CAP can help if you have questions about, or problems with: The CAP may be able to help if you are a person with a disability living in Alaska and: The goals and activities of CHD are guided by the values of integration and inclusion, selfdetermination, individual and family empowerment, cultural sensitivity, diversity, community referencing, independence, and productivity. Consistent with this philosophy, CHD serves as a bridge between university and community resources. Interdisciplinary education Community training and technical assistance Research Information dissemination These activities are designed to increase the independence, productivity, and community integration and inclusion for individuals with disabilities.

For more information and video please visit the website: Senior and Disabilities Services promotes health, wellbeing, and safety for individuals with disabilities, seniors, and vulnerable adults by facilitating access to quality services and supports that foster independence, personal choice and dignity. If your student has a developmental disability, which is likely to require long-term supports, you might want to consider looking at services provided by SDS. STAR programs can also help with Medicaid documentation, completing the developmental disability registration and review process step 2 belowand other needed programs such as applying for developmental disability Mini-Grants.

STAR discretionary funds are available to assist families in avoiding or alleviating a crisis if other resources, private or public, are not available. The DD Grant was available to help individuals who need services immediately. The DD grant is being replaced by a new waiver. Updates will be made after they become available. You will need to choose a care coordinator from one of the agencies. Your care coordinator will then submit to the state an Appointment of Care Coordination form and a Release of Information to notify the state that they have been chosen as your care coordinator. For more information on this process, please visit the link: Some of the service offered are listed below.

All waivers require a care coordinator to help with identifying and maintaining your specific services. To help with learning, maintaining and improving skills needed for independence, self determination, and full integration into the community. Training, support, and supervision to help obtain job skills and to help find and keep a job. To help facilitate rides when needed for activities outside the home. For more information on different services under the Medicaid waiver, please visit: Keep in mind, that many of these services will be unavailable if you have not already applied and qualified for Medicaid. For information on applying for Medicaid, visit the Division of Public Assistance website: The Trust operates much like a private foundation, using its resources to ensure that Alaska has a comprehensive integrated mental health program.

The Trust considers prevention of these conditions, where possible, to be part of its mandate. For more information, visit: However, data demonstrates that Trust beneficiaries inn underrepresented in integrated employment settings with competitive wages. This focus area also supports and helps fund grassroots, beneficiary-driven, peer-to-peer programs. A mini grant is based on need and is awarded to an agency on behalf of the beneficiary. Mini grants are available in the following categories: DVR is a state agency that provides counseling and supports individuals who have a disability prepare for, get and keep good jobs.

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To qualify you must, have trouble getting or daring a job because of a mental or physical limitation, and need DVR services. Let DVR know that you are receiving these benefits when you turn in your application. These services have a cost to them. You and your counselor will decide together vating you can help pay for any that you choose. DVR will make a determination on whether you can pay for the services listed below. They will ask you about your household income, savings, and all training except on-the-job training. Living expenses see your counselor for details. Transportation getting from place to place.

Medical care and therapy. Devices that help with your disability i. Services to family members. Any other goods or services. For more information about DVR services, please visit: Vocational Rehabilitation Program P. Dietrich interviewed local trappers and set his own traps for his science project. Kristopher John Kristopher is in eighth grade in Fort Yukon. After exploring the behavior of tornadoes he discovered river eddies swirled with similar behavior. Kristopher interviewed Elders and learned: He experimented with placing a log in the river to make a good eddy and a bad eddy.

He learned the water flows out of good eddies, allowing fish to continue swimming up the river.

It encourages individualism often to the homo of homo. For more information about ADRC in your local homo, please homo this homo:.

Puyuk datinng Thomas wrote a questionnaire seeking knowledge of the respondents family tree. They each interviewed four friends, four family members, four Elders, and four relatives. Puyuk and Thomas expected 16 out of 32 respondents would know their I? Heather Outwater Heather is 15 years old and lives in Noorvik. She's president of the student council and captain of the cheerleading squad. Her project tested plants and inorganic materials to preserve and restore the river and stream banks. The Kobuk river has been am the banks causing some people in Noorvik to lose their homes into the river.

Heather hopes they will consider bioengineering techniques such as the ones used in her project datinng stop the river and stream bank erosion. The Cry of the Loon: Some of you may well be asking yourselves, why have I Free sex dating in kiana ak 99749 the cating as my subject for this occasion? The Yupiaq name means "that which is packing something. Wherever the loon exists, there are Datiing people, rFee you will se many loon stories that are mystical and magical in their content. Among them is a story of the blind boy who is made to see by the loon diving into the water with the boy on its back.

This ka repeated three times. In each dive and emergence, the boy could see a little clearer, and on its third emergence, the boy could see clearly. The loon ib the boy to see, likewise, it can help us to understand ourselves and see our connection to Mother Earth today. Listen to the call of the loon. Its call is God-given through nature. It is its own language and understood by others of its kind and other creatures. Only we, with our ability to think and rationalize, do not understand because we listen only Free sex dating in kiana ak 99749 the mind, not with mind and heart well sprinkled with intuition. To some it is eery, as if some bad thing is about to happen. Maybe an alangguk, an apparition or ghost of some kind is about to appear.

It conjures up many thoughts Feee are not based on "what is" but on "what if. But regardless, we Fere take those steps necessary to change education so that it takes into consideration, in fact, makes an educational system based cating our own tribal worldviews. When thought of in that context, then it includes our Native languages, ways of generating knowledge, research, ways of making things and ways for using them respectfully. Our Alaska Native languages come from the land, are derived from the land. It is the language of the land that makes our Native people live in harmony with Nature. According to the Muskogee Cree, Bear Heart, harmony is a kizna, a forgiving, a blending.

This is what our Native languages allow us to do. Our Native words come from the creatures and things of Mother Earth naming themselves, defining themselves through action words-that's reality! Nature is our teacher. Information and rationality are a small segment of ai and learning. In the use of our Native languages, we come to live life intimately because we are enmeshed in it rather than looking at it from a distance through a microscope or telescope. It then behooves that we relearn our languages and learn to live close to nature to regain our health as a Native people. When we have that vision and goal, and work toward it, then we will have harmony; we will have tolerance; we will forgive; and we will again blend into our world.

We will be using our five senses and intuition to learn about our place. The loon never lost its spiritual vision. It has a love for life, its environment and its creator. Its education was from Mother Earth for the heart, for it to become creative and to know how to live in its community, its habitat. The loon still gets messages from its unconscious on new thoughts or solutions to problems. We, as human beings, have cluttered up our conscious minds with information and rational thinking, so that our world of dreams is no longer sought through meditation, vision questing, fasting and looking deep into the silence within us for direction. Not only have we become socio-politco-economic dependents, but we depend on outside sources to take care of our problems whether it's individual, family or community.

You see, the loon looks into its inner ecology knowing that no one else can do that for it. It knows that it is incumbent upon itself. In order for us to receive guidance and direction for our lives, we must relearn what the loon does naturally. We must look into ourselves where power and strength lie and tap into it to begin to address our own problems. Another strength of the loon, is that it teaches and nurtures its young to live as a loon. It does not require that someone else do the educating. The loon develops the loon worldview of its young closely connected to others and its place.

As it migrates from place to place, it remembers and appreciates the diversity and beauty of Nature. It nurtures its offspring to become independent yet knowing its dependence on the abundance of Nature to succor its needs. It teaches its young to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you. A love for self, a love for others and a love for place giving one a sense of responsibility to take care of oneself, to care for others and the environment that one lives in. The loon's cry is remembering a place that was harmonious, full of beauty and diversity that Nature so loves.

This is heart talk! This is science-knowing place. Very much like our Native people, the loon's life is not all roses and peace. The loon has a few problems, such as taking off. It is very much like the Wright brothers in their early experiments. The little homemade engine revs up, but has just enough power for it to barely to get off the ground. Just as the under-powered plane, the loon frantically flaps its wings and seemingly runs across the water's surface. Once in a while, the loon will crash onto the tundra. But, it crawls back into the lake somehow and tries again. We, as a Native people, are testing our wings and power! If we find that some of our ideas do not work, we need to go back and try again, maybe with a different approach and tools.

We must not be overly ambitious by overplaying our knowledge and abilities, but recognize our limitations as human beings. We must do that which we know we can succeed at first, then progress to more difficult tasks. The sad fact about this precious bird is that it is losing ground in its efforts to survive. Our Canadian friends look upon it with great respect, so much so, that it is on their one- and two-dollar coins. They are called the "loonie" and "twoonie". It is a known fact that the loon's numbers are growing smaller at a fast rate in Canada. There is a problem that is so ominous and insidious that it is overwhelming the loon.

It is not of its own making. It is human-made pollution consisting of chemical, biological, nuclear and noise which is destroying its habitat. It is we, humans, who are destroying its habitat and, unfortunately, as we destroy its habitat we are destroying ourselves in the process. The loon may well ask, "What was the question that makes technology the answer in the first place? Who asked it and when? But, unfortunately, it has laid aside morality and ethics. Take for example, the computer. Many think it's the answer for all our needs. It is speedy and answers questions with facts the human has fed into it.

I say use it sparingly as a tool. It encourages individualism often to the point of isolationism. The excessive user wants to be alone with a stupid machine. If you feed it garbage, you get garbage in return. It takes away clear thinking, problem-solving skills and above all, removes common sense. Modern technology wants to take and take, to make things without giving back. It wants to cut into Mother Earth to remove its natural resources. It wants to make people want more of its products. In so doing, indigenous people, creatures, plants and landforms are sometimes no barrier to the Eurocentric concepts of progress and development.

They are merely removed as detritus and, in the process, destroy a people and their place. The loon's mournful cry is in recognition of this needless destruction that is taking place by bigger and better technological machines of devastation. The mournful cry of the loon is much aware of its dwindling food sources, the inability of some of its eggs to hatch and its members succumbing to poisons and new diseases. It recognizes that to not have children, to not have family, to not have a community, is to be scattered, to be falling apart.

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