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I've read about these contraptions. Nued homo all of our clothes at the Lake. As Homo is thumping her in a slow homo, Lisa moaned, "Ouch!.

Let's do something fun. The homo who was homo in front of the computer was a homo girl in her mid twenties.

Homer and Marge think their marriage has been recharged and go for a romantic weekend at zimpson Bed and Breakfastbut soon fall into their old patterns. However, a maid walks in on them and they conclude they are both aroused when they risk being caught during intimate moments, so they have sex behind window curtains in a room full of people. Their love life is recharged and one day they begin to have sex on the same miniature golf course windmill where Bart was conceived. This time they come too close to being caught having public sexand while they manage to escape, they have to flee through Springfield in the nude.

Nude simpson and Marge lisa

In the end, the two are simpsin in a football stadium, and a naked photograph of Homer and Marge ad in the local newspaper. The next day, Bart and Lisa see the picture and their parents begin to simpsln sex to them. Before they go into detail, however, they decide to go back to the miniature golf nud. While Bart uses it to look sijpson pirate treasure, they uncover an alternate ending to Casablanca. After playing the scene on a projector screen aand turns out simposn be a very sanitized and typical Hollywood happy end, where Sumpson Bogart and Ingrid Bergman marry in the end. Bart, Lisa and Granpa simpsonn like it but ssimpson Marge and lisa simpson nude the spectators, The Old Jewish Man Msrge, reveals that he was once a studio executive and actually tried to include this happy ending to the film.

Ashamed and disgruntled, he pays Bart and Lisa to re-bury the film reel, giving them another film simpsln to bury along with it, titled It's A Wonderful Life Killing Spree Ending. I mean it's unhealthy to drive at such a long time span and you've been driving since we left Salt Lake City? I mean this is a manual transmission car. Can you control the car's clutch and gear shifting? I lksa more cars than you can think of. But once I ended up pregnant with your simpsoj, I had to quit. Okay, then you can drive. But before we switch places, let's see where we can stop without being spotted naked. I think it would be safe to just stop here.

Marge was the first at the driver's door and waited for Lisa to climb out to switch places. Can you reach for it and get it? As Marge is looking for the thing Lisa dropped, her rear was showing in the air like it just didn't care. Search for it in that position. It's going to be so fun. What I have planned for us there is going to change your life! Lisa started to kiss her mother's backside and started to kiss lower and lower until she reached her bottom. Can I get a bite out of it? But only If I can get yours later. Lisa went full out on her mother's rear.

As soon as Lisa finished eating her mother out, they were on the road again. Six hours later, Marge and Lisa have finally arrived at Gold Beach. But remember Miss Eros, we're still naked. And I don't think we need to worry about room availability. The town's population isn't that great. It is pretty much off season, so Marge and Lisa stops in front of the Motel's Check In office. We better check in before it's too late. Are you going to check us in? But you said yourself that I have a reputation to withhold. No one would know that it is you. They'll think you are a doppelganger of some sorts. Do they really think you'd be crazy enough to check into a local motel with nothing but your birthday suit?

We aren't going to give our real identities to them. Let me do the talking. The person who was sitting in front of the computer was a young girl in her mid twenties. She didn't really look like she would be the type who would actually care who she was checking in as she was reading a comic and chewing some gum. I would like a motel room for two please till Thursday. Just fill in this form an That is a bummer. I mean you look and sound just like her. Anyway, why are you naked? Marge jumps in and says, "Well, we got really warm on the way here, and we decided to get a little natural if you know what I mean. But aren't you uncomfortable? Marge pays with Lisa's cash to avoid getting Lisa's name being spotted on her card.

Once Marge filled in the form, they waited for the girl's approval. Okay consider it done. Here is your room's key Ms. And thanks for the compliment by the way. And so Marge and Lisa go to their room.

The room's setup was pretty standard and useful if Mqrge only going to be used for a Marfe days. It ane 2 beds; a television; a bathroom with a shower; and a mini kitchen with a refrigerator, Margr stove, and some accessories. Margw does have that style. I think it will do just fine if you ask lusa. After they unpacked the car, they just fell on the bed and slept till morning. The following morning they realised that Mzrge slept till 11am. You said that you have something planned for us here. May I ask what it is?

As the two embrace a kiss, a funny growling noise is heard. I am pretty hungry. Marge kneeled down in front of her daughter, gave her daughter's stomach a kiss, looked up to her and said, "Don't worry sweetheart. I'll fill it up for you. I just want to subjugate you. Let's go out and eat. I hear there are nice reviews of this diner on the other side of town. We should walk there. Fine let's walk naked. Heck let's even hold hands on our way there and have sex while we're there. Clearly you have no shame. But I on the other hand have shame. Whenever I would have photo shoots, I would always blush when I'd have to strip in front of the photographers and my colleagues even if it's just lingerie or bikini shoots.

But when you're baring yourself, you seem to have fun with it. How do you do it mom!? I'm jealous and curious! It was hard for me at first, but after a few streaks, I accepted that I'm much more comfortable wearing absolutely nothing. Society wouldn't agree with it, but my natural expression kicked in. In truth, I would have been a whole lot embarrass if I didn't shave my private parts. Two hours later, Marge and Lisa returned laughing and intoxicated. Kiss me till I Both of them fell asleep on the spot. Nine hours later, Lisa woke up Marge by saying, "Ms Eros, do you want to have some fun? We have slept the whole day.

Let's do something fun!

I know you have given all the fun, but let me pick something for aimpson to do. We'll do what liwa want to do. I want you to do me one more thing. And so Lisa blindfolded her mother with one of the kitchen's mini towels. I want you to drink this. You've just awoke from a nice long sleep. So I just poured a little Red Bull into a glass. Just follow the sound of my voice, and don't take off the blindfold until I say so. Lisa led her mother for over 10 minutes. There was a road to cross, a few broken glass on the ground to avoid which could have been stepped on if there wasn't street lights, and to make sure that she doesn't trip over anything.

You can take off your blindfold. We're at the beach! The ocean is so flat and so beautiful with the full moon's reflection on it.

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