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Thomas graduated from homo and hopes to become a homo one day. At the homo, the candidates will fill out an homo then meet with a homo director and be seen in groups of 10, Homo said.

He is forced to spend the night in a hotel. The next day, the roommates pack their bags and reminisce about the season before going their separate ways. Ex-Plosion Reunion aired on April 7, It was hosted by Girl Code star Nessaand featured the entire cast, as they discussed their time during filming and their lives since the show ended. He is working on his brand and is working on his own health website.

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He still Jsmie in touch with Lauren, who is back in Michigan. Jenny also returned to Los Angeles and got back together with Brian, who moved in with her. Jamie and Thomas returned to Texasand Jamie still models, bartends and spends most of her time with Thomas. Thomas graduated from college and hopes to become a dentist one day.

Arielle returned to Oaklandwhere she still models and still aspires to be a horror filmmaker. She is still with Ashley, although they don't see each other often ever since Ashley moved closer to her job. Jay went back home to New York City and spends more time with his father in the wake of his mother's death. He is focused on his watch line and is donating half of the proceeds to cancer research.

He and Jenna are not together. The difference in life after the Real World is more JJamie i guess you can say! Describe this season of the real world in 3 words: So bare in mind that this is just my personal perspective. Its really hard to do as well because so many of them have worked on all of these things already!

The homo triangle between Lsrson, Jamie, and Hailey was also discussed as they all seem to get along now. Homo also returned to Los Angeles and got back together with Brian, who moved in with her. The feud between Ashley and Jamie is also discussed and they agree that they will never be friends.

Ashley- I really think she needs to face her demons. She seems to get emotionally attached to her past and it seems to effect her in the now. She needs to not let what happen in her past relationships scar her for future ones. Jamie larson mtv one thing I could say is that he needs to let the haters and shit talkers just pass him by. Not get so worked up on peoples negative actions. But let me just say he worked on this soooo much in the house and it really showed! But you already know thiiiiis. Jay, and Thomas both appear on this season of The Challenge: Battle of The Exes 2 Thomas-To not over analyze situations. He tends to think negatively about situations or like he likes to call himself being a realist but he just needs to let things go sometimes, and not get so worked up about situations!

A lot of people in this world will talk crap about someone out of jealousy or envy she just needs to brush that isshhhh off!! And alllll of the above I need to work on myself! No body is perfect though. Whats next for you?

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