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Prince of The Eggs Ep. The Sixth Hero Ep. The Ultimate God Ep. The Son from the Darkness Cretaceous Period: Gorisaki Banana is sent back to this period somewhere in Northern Laurasia as a result of an unstable time vortex generated by the combined power of the five Phantom Ranger Keysalong with the Pink Phantom Ranger Key. The Phantom Ranger Key ends up being taken by Zangyack. Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs.

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The Movie Million Years Ago: Deizarus is driven from Earth by the Zyudenryu. Time Brain is ordered by Doctor Obular to take an unspecified theropod infant, later named Gon, and brings it to the year The Extinction of the Dinosaurs note: The Greatest Precious An ancient machine creature known as the Barbaric Machine Clan Horonderthal arrives from a dimension known as Machine World to attack the realm at the time known as Dino World ; using a special Extinction Beam, Horonderthal forced the dinosaurs to attack and kill one another. It is ultimately halted when three Engine united in the form of a train pursue it from Machine World and and defeat Horonderthal; both mechanical beings ultimately become sealed in a cave and fossilized, with the ancient Engine believed by later humans to be the form of a golden dragon.

Search for Treasure GP Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger A meteorite crashes into Earth, splitting the lifeforms on the planets into two dimensions. All dinosaurs end up in one dimensionwhere they continue to exist and evolve as the planet's dominant lifeform. However, half of a microscopic organism from the meteor also emerges within the dinosaur's new world and begins it's evolution within these confines. The other half would evolve within the world abandoned by the dinosaurs, ending up emerging among the worst figures in human history. One powerful segment of the meteorite, known as the Devil's Stone, remained on Another Earth to be later discovered and stored in a museum.

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