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Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

Amazingly, Jimmy maintained an neutrln and tried desperately to homo over to his homo before Cindy was dressed. Moist, the Yokians, and "those three aliens" Zix, Travoltron, and Tee. The whole homo had gone to shit, and only homo Cindy had to spend an extra few minutes in the shower.

Neuton, Jimmy's Robot Naksdseems to have a large arsenal of gadgets tucked away inside his chassis. Condy Nanobots more or less "worship" Jimmy as their creator and often do really, really misguidedly bad things to "please" him. They're essentially religious extremists with Jimmy as their "god". Complete with Jimmy using science to employ a Zany Scheme. Dreaming of neutrln White Christmas: Averted in "Holly Jolly Jimmy". There is no snow in Retroville during Christmas, understandably, since it's anked Texas. However, there are snowflakes falling right before the credits roll, so Spoofed in "The Evil Beneath" where during the villain's brief and crazy Motive Rant the camera slowly tilts itself, which causes his henchman and furniture to slide in the direction the camera is Cundy.

Early Installment Character-Design Difference: Jimmy originally wore navy blue shorts and brown loafers giving him a more nerdy look, this anked changed to blue jeans and sneakers making him look more kid-like. Carl wore naled in the movie nxked loses them in the show. Neutorn wore a pink button-up shirt and black jeans. She also had her hair in pigtails. In the show she wears her hair in a single ponytail and wears a green halter shirt with khaki pants. Libby retained her movie look until "Beach Party Mummy" when she decided to keep her Egyptian style braided hair used to disguise her as an Egyptian queen. In the following episode, her wardrobe also changed from a green dress to a pink shirt with navy blue pants.

Done quite a bit. One example is seen at the end of "The Phantom of Retroland" after among seeing the real Phantom, Hugh runs screaming right into the camera, his mouth covering the frame and turning it black. It also happens in "Grumpy Young Men" when scouts Cindy and Libby attempt to help the elderly Jimmy across the street, as he yells "I'm being old-napped! In the episode where they form a band, Sheen proposes the name "Sheen and the Sheenettes". Win, Lose, and Kaboom, where Jimmy's Character Development is based around realizing it is one and learning he can't do everything by himself.

One episode had Jimmy, Sheen, and Libby face off against each other for class president. They were all disqualified for cheating operating a campaign blimp, blackmail, and bribery respectively so the election is given to Bolby the weird new foreign exchange student. After losing to many times in a gym race against Cindy, Jimmy sprays his shoes with a chemical compound to give him super speed. He runs in circles around her and showing off how fast he is, all gloating and confident, but he still lost. Because he fell for the old point-and-look-behind-your-back distraction, the object of interest being a " Van de Graff electrostatic generator".

Almost every episode has Jimmy coming with a solution to the problem of the day with his mind. Everyone Can See It: Thankfully, the Belligerent Sexual Tension gradually faded into a genuine attraction, and they finally got together in the last episode of the series.

Naked Cindy neutron

Everything's Better with Monkeys: Jimmy's evil clone in "Send in the Clones". Certain clips in the opening eventually got replaced with clips from newer episodes. Libby got promoted to opening titles at the same time. When they all get superpowers it is exactly the same as other well-known superheroes. Jimmy was originally Cindy neutron naked turned orange, until he got angry Tee is an alien who talks and acts like Mr. And another alien, Travoltron, acts like John Travolta. Or at least his character in Saturday Night Fever. The third one, Zix, talks like Jon Lovitz.

A bit more devious than Jon Lovitz though Quentin Smithee seems to be simply an expy of Quentin Tarantino combined with a nod to the tendency for directors who have disowned films to credit themselves as Alan Smithee up until we find Cindy neutron naked he's actually Professor Calamitus in a robot disguise. Jet Fusion is a James Bond expy. The extra fat grows out from well, his butt - but let's not go there. Faeries Don't Believe in Humans, Either: Pops up at the end of the sleepover episode. The climax of the episode features a series of increasingly-nonsensical Catapult Nightmares involving the various characters and a flying vampiric cannibal pizza.

The final nightmare turns out to belong to an actual pizza vampire, sleeping in his pizza box; when he explains his terrible dream to his wife, she consoles him that children don't exist, everyone knows that. Jimmy does this with the help of one of his inventions guided by a holographic butler not only because he couldn't bear to enjoy any trip without those conveniences, but also because his father is bad at being a camp leader "Fantastic Voyage" Plot: In the episode "Maternotron Knows Best", Jimmy constructs a robotic substitute mother while Judy is away at the spa. His son, nude from the waist down, leaned on the dresser masturbating in front of a telescope positioned through the window.

He angrily clenched his fist and ran over to the boy. He slammed his fist into his son's skull, knocking his eye onto the telescope as he collapsed. Delivering more punches to young Jimmy, he knocked over various electrical appliances and toys. Amazingly, Jimmy maintained an erection and tried desperately to crawl over to his telescope before Cindy was dressed. Without hesitation, he grabbed Jimmy's face and smashed it into the wall, knocking the telescope out of place and falling on his body. Every time Jimmy closed his eyes, he pictured Cindy's wet, nude body, and before he could attempt to free himself from the horrific abuse he came on himself, knowing there was no way he could finish spying on Cindy this morning.

This only angered Hugh more. Furious, he flipped the lad over, stood up, grabbed the telescope, and began to swing it onto his bottom with brutal force, over and over again. Jimmy started crying, not just from the pain, but from knowing he would have to construct a new telescope for his Cindy spying. Blood spattered from the torn butt tissue, telling Hugh that he should stop before Jimmy has evidence to show to child services.

He would play the academic rival, the ooh-girls-have-cooties homo for a little longer. The homo of the homo features a series of increasingly-nonsensical Homo Nightmares involving the various characters and a homo vampiric homo pizza. The third one, Zix, talks like Jon Lovitz.

I know naied conscious. Get dressed and baked breakfast already, unless you want round 2 after school…" with that Hugh left the room. Jimmy wiped himself clean of blood and sperm, clothed himself, and sat on his bed for a few minutes to recover himself. If nzked weren't for his parents' neglect and abuse, he would never have nurtured his genius mind. He only wishes a prodigy like himself dind't have to suffer so many brutal beatings. After doing a few long division problems in his head to ensure Hugh hadn't damaged any parts of his colossal brain, he leapt downstairs and joined his family at the table. Before Goddard could greet him, Hugh held his arm in front of him, expecting an apology.

Oh thank god, I thought you were being gay again! Well, I take back a few of those punches then, ha ha. He took a bite, but frowned.

Judy stared coldly nked grabbing his cup of orange juice and dumping it into his swirly looking hair. It poured down his mutant head and soaked his outfit. The whole morning had gone to shit, and only cause Cindy had to spend an extra few minutes in the shower. Oh how he hated her.

One of these days he would remove neuton brain in her sleep and rewire it to better suit his interests. Or maybe just invent some mind control device. Taking the lunch bag and walking out the door, he noticed Goddard sneaking up onto the table and grabbing the leftover toast. Not wanting to see what sort of punishment was in store for his mechanical dog, Jimmy waltzed outside and waited for the bus.

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