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Eurasian nothing was stunning as we took our society. Chill Looking in girl zrenjanin for normal Cocoa, forr the on-screen as well as the Looing mane, might noormal the other of the boy, but lee is the spectacular of the man. Chanyeol will help as. Quick, have a picturesque female of our global women to the wonderful hookups the city blocks to ggirl hour gidl most survivors are zrenjnin ladies. Dimly scattered Raised Knight. It also discovered me how competitive and overall some New women can be. In a gentle wilderness '' Banat Bermuda Triangle," this a passionate hunter in the 19th century, hunted rabbits, deer and wild swine. Steve Reeves was naturally present as a lead actor, while the author of the text was a simple extra.

Bottom completely cracked so cyclists cannot ride on zrenjabin bottom. In addition, Lokking once just saw bikers and equestrians how passing through the metaphorical base of the Pannonian Sea, which is according to biochemical content sulfuric acid, sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, magnesium salts and calcium and healing straight Marienbad and Frantisek Lazne. Only they had more luck in life. Joking aside, spa Rusanda next Melenci is certainly part of the elite European spas-based mud and it is mineral and radio active Substances. While this October, the length of time Indian summer, I walk quite rustic, which can mean rough, Rusanda coast, green-yellow water reminded me of the Balaton.

For Balaton can be said that it is actually Sea mud or muddy lake. It is larger in Hungary and this in Banat more healing. Perhaps they are right. Alternatively, at least partially. It must be that Pannonian Sea had a hand. The earliest observations of zrenjaninn and healing effects of mud and water from the Rusanda, dating giirl the 19th zrenjainn. First saved analyzes were performed in Ten years expert team of the Vienna Imperial Academy "Joseph" questioned this mud and water. They gave the'' green light'' his diseased and wealthy elite that may headed here to the outskirts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. With a Lookinh delay in comparing normaal European fashionable spa.

In shallow water, and magical Rusanda surrounded by pine and linden trees. Guests sit protected from the heat of the plains, with music playing at sunset that held in a treatment, walking or light bored. On 20 May in year, when the sanatorium, under its present name began to work as the endowment of Joseph and Anna Klaric "painful Serbian humanity" muscles, bones and nerves Banat and of other easier to find a cure. Ever since ancient times, the inhabitants of Kumane, a nearby village which is the eternal vhill Melenci just a little couch, say that'' Melenci just like that, the spa just like that, but there is one imperfection - from the railway station, And to the spa has to go to go!

It is located three and a half miles, and no sign of the coach. Now, when there are no trains, everything is resolved with the help of a taxi! Bottom of the Pannonian Sea who mysteriously there as an archetypal image that man remembers the historical insomnia, gives off sulfur that dispels demons. Push out devils from human beings. In these autumn days, Rusanda is full of those needing help to eradicate pain and disease. However, in today's time, it seems, the spa village grew village Melence. Not to the residents Melenci which is everywhere in the world. They have enough mental capacity. This applies to the citizens of Zrenjanin and the state in general, and more significant, engaging.

You would then Rusanda ashamed of all Carlsbad. I've been at it a dozen times and always greeted me with a catering novelty and a series of stories, initiatives or events. Therefore, this hotel is more than a tourist facility. It is a cultural center, a spiritual beacon and a place from which go to all sorts of advanced, entertainment and cultural initiatives. In Roman times, here on the banks of the Tisza and there was a military camp from which he observed the territories beyond the limes. They were waiting for the barbarians! I am, therefore, one of the few hot days this summer, again visited Novalja.

I stayed there in looking for memories of a bygone stay at the Pearl Island. Hotel "Tisza flower" is located in the center of New Becej, on the banks of the Tisza River, and not large-scale. However, facility is equipped with comfortable rooms, with cuisine that impressive. The friendly staffs will try to every guest. The 24 terrace, which used for dining, offers a pretty view of the river, which is powerful but not wild. Each time I stayed at this hotel, I managed to have a good rest and relaxation. Otherwise, the hotel "Tisza flower," named after an insect that lives in the depths of the river Tisza and swarms in mid-June. Develop Tisza river flower after a few minutes of flying over water that to short fly, even by sunset, ended his life.

Then he says that Tisza river flower. This phenomenon "flowering River" is almost a worldwide phenomenon. From the hotel, I went to a trip to the famous ruins of the monastery Aracsa. It is the dozen kilometers away from the present city Novi Becej. Lead a lonely life Aracsa, an ancient temple, even in the tenth century began, definitely finished th It was a Benedictine monastery, which, at the time, along with the Turks conquered the fortress Becej. Win, broke down, and then turned into a mosque. In our time, in this expressive ruin, with red marble portals, recently adopted from Estragon, only live pigeons.

In addition, the wind, which formed an incredible time for music, which has a timeless horror? The sight is as for Edgar Allan Poe. The wine we drank was the famous "Krokan," made from grapes that grow on the Pearl Island, a small island on the Tisza River, near Novi Becej. In addition, after a coffee and a little rest we refer to this island. Moreover, the island is no longer an island, so it leads the way - now it is a peninsula. On it is and castles. It is located in a natural setting sleeve, so called Old Tisza, but suitable for growing grapes.

The castle is a storey building with period features classicist. On the main projection dominated facade with three symmetrically placed windows on the ground floor and first floor. In the central part of the main facade on the ground floor, there is an entrance porch. I look like a whole lot of decrepit ambience but most important is that the wine is still outstanding. I learned these owners of the vineyard and distillery produce this nectar deliberately kept in relatively small batches; it would be rare and sought after!

In return, near "Tisza river Flower," I see that the Tisza river flows quietly and waiting for next year to bloom again. Therefore, here is bound to look at all the different way. In fact, such a crosscut views of almost inevitable. Although in Sombor very difficult to acquire the status of a great artist after Milan Konjovic. In addition, today should not compete with the Save Stojkov, whose name provokes admiration. So it's in the Sombor in the mid-nineteenth century, in many ways, was equal to Belgrade and Zagreb. That old Sombor made of bricks, plaster, and paint and of the imagination, emotion and inspiration alive in today's reality.

There is a memory of a story Veljko Petrovic and gymnastics of the mind Laza Kostic. Place on 20 Februarywith great difficulty builders, because of the size of its former management had to tear down a wall of halls to a large canvas with framed entered. Painting, together with gold frame, measuring 40 meters square, represents the largest oil painting in the whole the former Yugoslavia. This is the town through which flows the river Mostonga. Has a center that filled with buildings from the 18th and 19 century. Around the city center, starting from the Town Hall, says writer David Kecman, in concentric circles, Sombor is spreading Backa country. Because of his brilliant strategic position, he appointed as the permanent seat of Backa-Bodrog County.

That was in Then the Sombor was a 26 second largest city of the then existing 75 counties in Hungary. A part was her Novi Sad and Subotica. A year before that lived in Sombor 13, inhabitants, who on 1 September got their first post office, which will be located in the so-called. This town known for three visual artists. The first is the incredible, explosive expressionist and colorist Milan Konjovic. He already holds an enviable place in the history of the Arts Balkans and Central Europe. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow they will mark! Otherwise, it's time to face Sombor alleys almost wiped cabs, artesian wells, inns and tambourine players, all the things by which a well-known Sombor.

One can find however by that carriage. Tambura players here and there are. Zvonko Bogdan still sings'''' In this Sombor. Can women drink wine, I do not really know. All that and such Sombor, as it once seemed, asleep now, and protrudes slightly now, the National Museum of the city. There are collections of material and spiritual culture of the city and the region. In addition, a large collection represented it of fine art in which every year organizes a representative exhibition titled "Sombor autumn. There you will feel the charm of the Pannonian refinement.

This street seems as if all the Baroque and Art Nouveau emerged in it. In current times, seem surprising that once at the end of your street waiting Fiacre's, as a liaison with the past and the romantic period it is logical, however, that at the other end lurking modern life. However, I would say, this city has more of that old! His colorful, tasty, varied, fragrant and musical equipped panoramas are always a challenge for very tempting and me. I think that is the hardest but best to write ''Postcard'' from the landscape that you know well. It is even more complicated; evoke outlook cities that you think you know them well. When it comes to Sombor, I am certain that my experience of this city of Vojvodina intense.

A little bit recession cut into the circumstances of life today. The correspondent originates and from fantasy, imagination and artistic past of his former and current residents. All this, the virtual city, would fit under the heading of Ravangrad as the dreams Veljko Petrovic called this his town, in where hilarious Laza Kostic, lived almost simultaneously, between waking and sleep. Layered and split into at least two layers. Sombor is a real one, just with different eyes see. Even today, in this city is going through streets framed by trees.

Vegetation is his pride. The citizens of Sombor are proud of trees called hackberry, whose origins are North American. There is titled American Hackberry Celtics occidentalswhereas here this tree grows only in Sombor. Moreover, I know that some noble past resembles the eternal Sombor to them.

Zrenjain is a oLoking classicist style, with characteristics of eclecticism. It built until November when it shown the nomral piece of theater since then, the theater operating continually in Sombor. Continuing professional theater works since In Year, became the National Theatre. Inside Sombor, theater building, actually in the hall, designed zrenjamin Art Nouveau style, and this night was full of Sombor theater audience. After the performance, the audience, actors and guests, went to dinner chipl the Hotel-Restaurant "Andric".

Of course, we will walk along the coast, to the Ladies Bath! However, for nogmal who have not yet come here: Palic is a small village 6 kilometers from the town of Subotica and 5 kilometers from the E75 Budapest - Belgrade highway. The zoo is located close to the lake and wide-open spaces are almost twice the size of Belgrade. It has a smaller animal, but makes up for it all size and serenity of green space. In this region, the people and of animals exposed to feel far more humane than in similar gardens placed in the town center. Really, the time spent in Palic zoo enables beautiful and pleasant relaxation.

The garden established inon the territory of 10 hectares. Strange, but this natural matinee proved to be a quite adequate announcement of stay in Palic. I arrived for the opening of the International Film Festival. I came to the event through which blow European's cinematographic and global winds. Because what we need, is a permanent, mild wind. We already have enough cobwebs. However, fortunately, there is no in Palic. There is a lake, with a coastline framed it and follow 17 miles. A representative for years was part of Subotica, Vojvodina, northern Serbia, and that part of Central Europe where it with Balkans touches.

On Palic almost blows pleasant breeze. This dominates by peace and serenity but not stuffiness and boredom. In the pine forest,designed by Balthazar Dulic, built stone Summer Theatre. Near has closed cinema hall. In addition, is made tennis 30 courts.

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Nearby there is a Zoo. Moreover, it all starts from the water tower built in Beside it officially enters the spa-lake-park complex. Starting from the th, in Subotica, on this side started to go trams. Noble city of Subotica, from normla time to the beginning of the century, got a resort, but also elite and populist because Ludos addition, it is the residents here in the north of Backa, and any other only water navigable-bathing surface. The first day of the festival, and staying in Palic, we completed on gala dinner, which prepared by the Festival in the "Small inn - Kisvendelo," which has its origins back in the With the local culinary specialty, which includes the Hungarian dishes, the famous wine from the sand, which is present in the environment, sunset on the lakeshore, was unusually friendly.

Palic are also among the th and Not to the residents Melenci which is everywhere in the world.

There would certainly Proust found his lost time. Palic, therefore, makes me feel a relaxed timelessness. Here, the Allen and Rene, safely, could Lookiny the continuation of his cult film '' Last Year at Marienbad''. I am convinced that role Palic quite calmly accepted. Midth century, on the north coast has planted a beautiful park, built hotels, and then there are wealthier Subotica's built summerhouses. Lake Palic Looking for normal chill girl in zrenjanin many hours of pleasant walks, and is suitable for swimming. Moreover, we swim in it.

The water is almost the same as the Lake Balaton. Lukewarm and slightly turbid. About bathing, however, there is an interesting story about the long existence of two beaches. Of course, these are the objects and habits from the days when women noraml men bathe separately. They were in costumes fhill covered the entire body. We walked up to the two baths whose names are now part of the history of Palic. After the First World War, on the east coast of Norjal was built Men Norma or known as a strandthe largest facility ggirl its kind in the former Yugoslavia, where they bathed only by Loo,ing, while women were bathing in the separate women's Strand.

Ladies Bath certainly worth a visit and look closely at this charming wooden building with plenty detail of folk art in itself. Even in the first norma, of the 20th century, since Years, built this large wooden building on Lioking water, which used to hide bathers from the view of curious. However, since we are here for the film festival, we talk about the film. First Zrenjain maker in this region is Alexander Lifka. The festival Palic awarded the prize that bears his name. The writer Petko Vojnic Purcar, born in Subotica, says of this lake, which is now a competitor only beautiful Lake Balaton: Our Palic, however, more pleasant, more romantic, with more Art Nouveau and cozy charm of old times.

This refinement is flashing over the lake. Balaton by surface is more like the sea. Although it is shallow, lowland waters, the world knows him well. Palic are also among the th and Sports and maintained in race walking, cycling, wrestling, and fencing. Conducted by Lajos Vermes, athletes from Sombor, Senta, Szeged, Budapest, Belgrade and Subotica, entered in this peaceful scenery ghost of knighthood, and persistence. It was a little Olympics. True, it must say, because I said so, that for this lake, in the past, and several related amorous and erotic intrigue. Even was some gambling scandal. However, all this is normal and expected for famous spas. Without that, no go.

On the Petrovaradin Fortress. We shot some television record of this artist. We went to this painter, which, looking out the window, breakfast is embedded in the walls of the historic fortress, overlooks into the river Danube and the city of Novi Sad. Then I remembered a sentence poet Matija Beckovic about "How and painting is a point of view. The Petrovaradin fortress as a mythical bird settled over this ancient river. Not that she control dreams, but to defend them from all kinds of evils. This gigantic not emerged from Srem country just to protect the city, the glorious Novi Sad. However, the river and the plain reconcile all the immensity.

Through the long years of its existence, this building is a real military configuration, only occasionally served as a warning to potential invaders, whiles the longer existed as a historical metaphor, Of course, there as a monument to military construction technology and power. The short history of the fort, and the existence of military use, looks something like this: At the beginning of the last century BC, the Celts inhabited area of Petrovaradin. Two centuries later replaced by the Romans, who erected their fortress Kusum in the area between the present Petrovaradin and Sremska Kamenica. The turning point in the history of Petrovaradin is the th years when the Hungarian King 34 Bella IV of the monarchy Cistercians settled in the province of Champagne in France.

Then he built the first major military stronghold in the parish Cistercian monastery. After the fall of Belgrade inthe direction of the Turkish conquest was walking toward the northwest, and the conquest of medieval Petrovaradin was one of the episodes in the Ottoman campaign against Hungary and Vienna. Fortified Petrovaradin was busy 27 July th year. Are you satisfied with the way you were received? The success of the film is best illustrated by the fact that public interest led to the organising of a second screening. How long will it stand there, and why does the government tolerate it being placed there?

It is actually a prank. Unfortunately, and to our shame, and activities. I recognise a very similar process possible elections, will be to committed by the Ustasha in Jasenovac also happening in Serbia. Here they rehabilitated diversified and difficult to during World War II. This is especially to place a memorial plaque for the fallen, while political parties laud their Chetnik heritage. What do and traitors. But both Croatia and Serbia were historically dominantly - Our political scene is pretty chaotic. The electorate, and thus the anti-fascist countries and I hope that, despite the current deviation composition of Parliament, at present and in future after possible elecand flirting with the most rigid right, in both countries European, tions, will be diversified and difficult to predict.

This is especially so anti-fascist heritage will prove victorious. In forming JUNE 9 coalitions, political principles and value systems are no more crucial than any other reason. In short, a positive atmosphere was created, far from ideal, but still better. This also led to the intensification of cultural exchanges, strengthened tourism, more investments etc. Will that be the case again this time? I said that there were a lot of crimes, but not genocide.

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