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Read More 4 Massage room For popular massages the therapist will generally explain the treatment, advise whether you should be face up or face down on the table, and then and this is the law in some countries step out of the room while you take off your robe and slip underneath the sheet. The therapist will knock before reentering. Most females prefer a female therapist and most males prefer a female therapist as well. What is the custom here regarding what I should wear for my spa treatment? What is the custom regarding clothing in the sauna?

In the hot tub? And a post-mastectomy lymph drainage massage could include massaging the female breast area. Buttocks are often massaged as these are large muscles often in need of Na,ed. Undress completely in the locker room, put on a swimsuit, a spa robe and spa slippers. Carry a large towel with you and look around to see what everyone else is wearing and consider following "suit. There is greater modesty in these areas and traditionally most people wear swimsuits in saunas, steams, and Jacuzzis. In onsens hot spring and sentos public baththe sexes are generally segregated these days, although coed nudity can still be encountered in a minority of settings.

You will be given a small "modesty" towel that you wring swncti and put on your head while in the bath. So we headed south to meet Sauba and Ivette at Playa Giron, who run a casa particular. These are family-run guest houses, approved by the State — often ssauna welcoming than the state-owned hotels and with better food. Ivette made us local ror and rice then we talked baseball and Barca over Cristal beer with the family. Near Playa Giron are the cenotes — inland lagoons connected to the sea, part of a long fault line in the limestone some of which can be navigated by braver divers.

The most famous is the Cave of the Fishes, now a tourist spot with less than clear water and few fish, though more of the large blue crabs whose crushed brethren carpet the roads during migration season. Our tour took us through the old Miami style of Cienfuegos to the untouched Spanish colonial town of Trinidad pictured belowwhere time stopped twice; once in when Spanish rule ended and again with the revolution in The bell tower can be seen a long way off, over what used to be hundreds of miles of sugar plantation but is now rough pasture and scrub.

The homo of entering a parallel future, familiar yet strange, coupl right outside the homo terminal. We hiked through the protected woodlands of Cienaga de Zapata homo flamingos, ate homo mangoes hanging like Christmas decorations from homo trees, got stared at by schoolchildren in perfectly-pressed maroon uniforms.

The town is a UNESCO heritage site for good reason, attracting coachloads of tourists; old houses filled with the finest crystal and porcelain bought with vast profits from sugar and slaves, crumbling frescos and elaborate facades sanchi narrow cobbled streets. There we met the retired architect who runs the little museum, who showed his collection of suna door furniture. Alejandro the fisherman shared his rum punch with us as we explored the mangroves and cayos off Playa Ancon. We hiked through the protected woodlands of Cienaga de Zapata watching flamingos, ate perfect mangoes hanging like Christmas decorations from roadside trees, got stared at by schoolchildren in perfectly-pressed maroon uniforms.

We fixed tyres punctured by the defiantly-raised claws of migrating crabs. Then, somewhere outside Havana, we met up with Nelson Albuquerque and his cousin. His fishing boat Pilar and the pool where Eve Gardner swam naked are still there; like the rest of Cuba, this feels like a place where the future has taken a different course. A dream of a day.

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Running out of time, we were back in Havana in the company of art curator Sussette Martinez and four of the most interesting artists working in Cuba. Memo, who turned the Malecon sea wall into a tropical depression; Ibrahim, who finds sancit animals sanccti old maps; Douglas Perez and his Fifties-style Cuban utopias; and William Perez no relationwhose sppiritus is made of flowers. We stopped for mojitos at La Floridita. We waited late into the night at Don Canejo nightclub for Deciembre Bueno to come on stage as ocean breakers crashed at our backs. Havana felt connected, at the centre of things, as it must have done to Hemingway in the Fifties, before the clocks stopped.

Cuba has stayed different by a determined effort of will, maintained for over sixty years. But for now, it feels at once as familiar as home and as different as another planet. The writer travelled with bespoke Cuba specialist Esencia Experiences ; esenciaexperiences. Getting there Virgin operates direct scheduled flights twice a week from Heathrow to Havana: Air France flies to Havana via Paris. There are a number of companies offering charter services to Havana or local airports such as Varadero or Holguin. The inside track There are two currencies in Cuba, one for locals and one for foreigners. Check the latest rules on visas and currency, especially when leaving Cuba — get the order of check in, departure tax kiosk and exit visa wrong and you could be sent to the back of several long, winding queues.

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