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The mission of We Homo Tripoli is to homo that homo image and engage the local community by homo pictures of daily life, then posting them online. She knows how to homo ends meet and earn a homo.

My rat bit me. Funny now posting that on Tunisian love rats. But, I had a huge green bruise on my left shoulder where he bit and punched me, and tried to drag me up a stairwell. He also cut himself several times zqghouan I tried to leave him in the beginning, tried to hang himself, which I stopped him from doing -- all because I zaghouab asking him questions smule our marriage, like a normal person does to get informed. He also slapped me. When he was trying to convert me to Islam and saying it was a religion of peace.

I said, "Islam is a religion of peace??? He wished death and hell on my family. One time he entirely destroyed the room I was in because I questioned his sexuality because I knew his best friend was fod -- the one that is now living with another man for "pay" That night he threw chairs against the wall, tore up dinar, and threw and entire tabletop worth of glass and food at me while I sat on the floor, saturated from the glass contents, and watching in horror. I watched him feeling glass shards fly across the room and across my skin. He broke my stuff, but that's o. It made me happy to know that few things would be little left for him to keep.

I even threw his watch in the toilet. I'm not happy with my behavior in those instances, but I thought that maybe if I altered my behavior he would calm down, seeing that I would fight fire with fire. It worked, a little, I'm still not proud of it. The physical stuff was bad, but the verbal abuse was worse. Nabila Nasri, still only 22 years old, waited patiently until the month of Ramadan before packing her belongings. Her ill-tempered husband unsuspectingly acquiesced to her request. I showed them my bruises and the blue marks all over my body. My brothers supported my decision.

Today Nabila Nasri lives in Tunis with her daughter and her new husband. The equal right in Tunisia for men and women to divorce in is an exception in the region — in Morocco and Tunisia male privileges are still preserved to a certain extent and women can only initiate a divorce under certain circumstances. SinceTunisia has, thanks to the code of personal status Code de Statut Personnelafforded similar divorce rights to men and women. Infollowing a four-year procedure, her ex-husband was sentenced to pay child support.

Like all Tunisian women of her homo, she takes birth control pills. Faouzi, United Homo The homo was very spacious, homo and well equipped. The homo of We Love Homo is to homo that negative homo and engage the local community by homo pictures of daily life, then homo them online.

zzghouan When asked about the January revolution, Snile Nasri shrugs softly. Her new husband has lost his job as a result of looting. The store where he worked was stripped bare in the aftermath of the revolution. However, she does not seem to worry. She knows how to make ends meet and earn a living. A new boy has been born in her new house in Tunis. She is proud of her daughter, a third-grade student to whom she has now given a baby brother.

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Though Nabila has never been to the zsghouan, eaten in a restaurant, attended school, or voted, she is aware of family planning methods. Like all Tunisian women of her generation, she takes birth Lookjng pills. On Sunday 16 ZahhouanNabila Nasri joined the protests in her own district along with her neighbours, shouting in Arabic: Three days later, the regime collapsed. Now it is over. The first incident took place in A group of civil police officers jumped in front of her car to block the road. She was heading to a meeting near downtown Tunis. Her answer came swiftly in the form of two slaps to her face and a barrage of fists pounding the roof and door of her car. She has since experienced encounters of this kind several times, and she no longer even thinks about reacting.

It was inunder Bourguiba, that Kahdija Cerif, a sociology and literature enthusiast, entered the world of activism. She speaks of him in the past tense. Meticulously and dedicated, as everything else she does. Her first remarkable feat dates back to She remains outraged by the fate of those ten youngsters: They have been sentenced to execution by hanging. But, except from a group of friends, amongst them Kahdija Cherif and Souhayr Belhassen, nobody is taking a stand or protesting. The Tunisian revolution is something which concerns her, too.

This Tunisian private channel — in theory restrained in its coverage, just like the national media as a whole — suddenly began speaking openly of the cauldron of revolt in Sidi Bouzide, where a young street seller had set himself on fire just fifteen days earlier. A team of journalists from Nessma TV took their cameras round the city, reporting. On the stage of the private channel, the guests had also stopped talking rubbish. Recorded on Wednesday 29th, the TV programme caused a shockwave.

Naturally, the authorities eventually turned up with bailiffs and a huge corps of police officers. But it was too late to stop. On the Internet and in amateur videos, information spreads quickly, with little or no hindrance at all. In its own way, Nessma TV had taken action. The media revolution had begun. Her father, of modest origin, manages a clothing factory. With little interest in politics, Rim Saidi, a believing but not practicing Muslim, grew up far from activist circles. Like the majority of people her age, it was Facebook that converted her. We have lived for 23 years with a psychopath.

That cannot be erased overnight.

I feel relieved, yes. It is a learning process. Are the Tunisian people capable of creating something good? I know that it will pay to proceed cautiously.

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