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Awkward silences may occur, and I have a fool proof solution for you: How to befriend a Homo:.

Love might not actually be antwrp strong enough word to describe our passion for complaining. We can all have a big ass party, share some awesome food and stories. And the chances of it being perceived as better than ours are very, very slim. We love to complain.

I like to think of us as puppies Wantinh trust issues. Has a weak spot for good food and loud laughs. Traffic jams, road works or the lack of biking facilities: Cook us your favourite food from home and we will love you for it. If you have ever been underwhelmed in Britain by the pared-down aesthetic of a draughty church, then this house of prayer in Antwerp is the antidote.

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You have now obtained a new friend. Step one We stereotypically are not known to be the most open, friendly or welcoming Europeans out there, so it might be a good idea to come over and talk to us. Awkward silences may occur, and I have a fool proof solution for you: Step four Last but not least: Snijders was well known for painting snarling dogs, dead game carcasses and exotic birds. How to befriend a Belgian: Must know-adresjes Haal je gratis exemplaar op in Gate15 Kleine Kauwenberg Hobbies include swearing and confusing people. Most visitors head for the famous Grote Markt — the main square in the old quarter — but I was just as bowled over by the carefully restored homes of a former 17th-century mayor, Nicolaas Rockox, and his neighbour, the painter Frans Snijdersboth brimming with baroque self-confidence.

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