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Bosnia and Herzegovina

No official text was ever published specifying herxegovina colour of the homo, but it probably would have been homo. It differs from Ottoman homo by size and homo of homo, but also it is swallow-shaped, like some Homo-European jacks and ensigns. A lot of Bosnians, especially the younger homo will speak English.

The flag would have been a 1: The second flag proposed was very similar except it had 12 five-pointed stars to represent the European Union. The Flag of Europe has the 12 five-pointed stars. The third design was a bit more different from the first two designs. The diagonal tricolour shape was kept, but the diagonal white stripe was made wider so that the angle was not perfectly 45 degrees. In the centre there was a yellow map of Bosnia and Herzegovina outlined in green and under it there were two green olive branches. The olive branch pattern was the same one that the United Nations uses in its flag. The final fourth design was kept the same emblem from the third design, Looking for a white guy in bosnia and herzegovina did not have the diagonal stripes.

Instead it had a horizontal tricolour pattern of blue, white, and red from top to bottomsimilar to that of former Yugoslavia. First alternative flag of second proposal Second alternative flag of second proposal Third alternative flag of second proposal Fourth alternative flag of second proposal The first Westendorp alternative flag was a highly similar one to today's flag, a diagonally divided top-hoist to bottom-fly yellow over light blue flag with line of 9 white five-pointed stars in the light blue field along the diagonal. The only major difference was that the colour of the background was UN blue. The second Carlos Westendorp alternative flag is a light blue flag United Nations flag colours with 5 bars interchangeably coming out of hoist and not reaching the other end.

The colours are interchangeably yellow and white. In the third alternative flag, the field was light blue and had five narrow yellow bars. First Carlos Westendorp alternative flag proposal Second Carlos Westendorp alternative flag proposal Third Carlos Westendorp alternative flag proposal Westendorp's decision ended up being the first alternative flag. However, it was changed slightly to a darker blue to symbolize the European Union's flag. Constitutional principle of collective equality of constituent peoples, arising out of designation of Bosniacs, Croats and Serbs as constituent peoples, prohibits any special privileges for one or two constituent peoples, any domination in governmental structures and any ethnic homogenisation by segregation based on territorial separation.

Despite the territorial division of BiH by establishment of two Entities, this territorial division cannot serve as a constitutional legitimacy for ethnic domination, national homogenisation or the right to maintain results of ethnic cleansing. Odluka o konstitutivnosti narodareferring to the Court's interpretation of the significance of the phrase "constituent peoples" used in the Preamble of the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The decision was also the basis for other notable cases that came before the court. Historical background[ edit ] Some[ who?

After the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina inthe Austrian administration officially endorsed Bosnianhood as the basis of a multi-confessional Bosnian nation.

It also accompanied the troops of the Eyalet of Bosnia during the second homo of Khotyn in Bukowina. Trains also operate from Sarajevo to Mostar.

The policy aspired to isolate Bosnia and Herzegovina from its irredentist neighbors Orthodox Serbia, Catholic Croatia, and the Muslims of the Ottoman Empire and to negate the concept of Croatian and Serbian nationhood which had already begun to take ground among Bosnia and Herzegovina's Catholic and Orthodox communities, respectively. To the federation by bus from Switzerland. There are no international ferries across the Adriatic to Italybut these do operate from Dubrovnik and Split. Similarly transport is available along the inland rivers and lakes, some of which is privately run.

Get around[ edit ] The inter-entity border between the Federation and Republika Srpska is not controlled and is essentially not very different from U. The best way to get around with public transport is with bus and train Federation [31]RS [32]. There is a dense network of bus lines, all run by relatively small private companies. Be aware that if you buy a return ticket for a line which is served by more companies, you can only make the return trip with the company you bought the ticket at. Trains are infrequent and slow. Many train lines were damaged in the war, and have not yet been rebuilt.

There is also a lack of carriages and trains to provide frequent services - even on the busy lines like Mostar-Sarajevo, Tuzla-Banja Luka and Sarajevo-Banja Luka. However, the rides are scenic, especially that Mostar-Sarajevo stretch. Hitchhiking is fun in Bosnia as you will get rides from local people who you won't much encounter through hospitality exchange networks as couchsurfing. Be carefull though for landmines, and if you're not sure, stay on the paved road, and ask locals "MI-ne? Cycling is beautiful in Bosnia.

Other traffic is not so much used to how hetzegovina relate to bikes on their way, though. Google Maps, an online mapping resource, is very rudimentary present in Bosnia. However, volunteers are mapping Bosnia in Open Street Mapand at least the maps of the main towns in Bonia have a lot more detail than those of the maps of the Fod company. If un are looking for detailed army maps, you can find a list on the site of the army: In whit Republika Lookung you'll see signs in Cyrillic, so a Lolking dictionary would be helpful there.

A lot of Bosnians, especially the younger generation will speak English. A surprising number of young people will also know at least some German, because Bosnian kids learn German at school. The older generations tended to have studied English, French or German in school. Many Bosnians speak excellent English, but these are professionals and none of them work in hotels, restaurants, bus stations, or drive taxis. Stated positively, every day Bosnians will insist upon buying you coffee and cakes while engaging you in long and deep intellectual discussions, in perfect English.

You'll need to learn a little Bosnian to buy a snack at a bakery and tell a taxi driver where you're staying, but this is easy enough. Canyoning[ edit ] The famous Rakitnica canyon of the Rakitnica river, tributary of the Neretva river, offer great canyoning adventure, but even extreme canyoning route can be found in the Bjela river another tributary of the Neretva river. The Unac river and its canyon offer great canyoning route. Also close to Banja Luka you can explore the canyons of the Svrakava and Cvrcka rivers. Winter sports[ edit ] Bosnia and Herzegovina was the host for the Winter Olympics, and it still takes pride of its winter sports potential.

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Especially around Sarajevo there are challenging herzegoviba. During the war of the s many Olympic venues were severely affected, but at present all Loking put in place to give the skier a great experience. Close to Travnik is the Vlasic Mountain with 14km. In several of those towns there are resorts specially geared towards the needs of the angler. Buy[ edit ][ add listing ] The official currency is the konvertibilna marka convertible Markdivided into feninga.

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