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Another title, awkwardly written as "One word to many" pcould have been better worded.

Watikah pengawas pelantikan pengacara Teks

And throughout the book, pupils are asked to "chant" a poem or rhyme. In this context, the word "chant" is incorrect. I lost count of the oengacara of errors; there are just too many. Ideas and sentences are poorly linked and many of the rhymes and poems border on the ridiculous. Writers should be cautious when writing poems. Just because we have "poetic licence does not mean we do away with sense and logic. I noticed that there were three writers and four editors for the book. I cannot understand how not even one of them noticed the errors. Don't all divisions in the Education Ministry work together on such matters? Why have the concerns raised by the public about the English language fallen on deaf ears?

With so many blunders, I foresee a bleak future for our education system. This is certainly not the way forward.

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