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Unofficial Tinder F.A.Q.

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I just couldn't form an immediate connection with strangers. Basically what I'm saying is, tinder is not for me. I couldn't talk to strangers the same way Howw talking to my tunder. All forms of relationships build upon similar experiences that we share. Family, we spend our lives together. Friends from school, we share the same schooling experience. Friends from work, we share the same working environment. Friends from tinder lack this very foundation, for me, at least. The ones who see your profile before you see theirs and swipe right on you, are placed near the top of your queue the next time you open Tinder.

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If you like them back, you get an instant match. So in this scenario, it is just way more likely for a certain amount of people to see your profile and swipe right, than it is for you to find that group of people first. Ergo, you get lots more instant matches than passive ones. This is especially true if your account is still fresh, or you started swiping in a new location, because that means your account is being boosted by Tinder for a couple of days, showing your profile to many more people than later on. I almost never get instant matches, only passive ones long after swiping.

There are a couple of likely explanations for this. You are using Tinder in an area with comparatively few active users. Relative to the above scenario, it is far more likely for you to see all active people before all of them see you. Tinder has decided to almost never show your profile to someone, unless you already swiped right on them. This is unfortunate, but not necessarily a comment on your real life attractiveness. Do I have to use pictures from my Facebook account? This used to be the case, but since a few updates ago, you can upload pictures directly from your phone.

This carries the benefits of both not having to upload your dating profile pictures to Facebook, and the image only getting compressed once instead of twice.

Once again detailed official information see how exactly it works is hard acfive come by. These bare bone versions of your profile are then shown to people to swipe on in order to rank your pics. There is a chance: If your match list extends beyond your sse, try scrolling down, looking for said message. When does Tinder update your location? Tinder updates your location when you open the app. As long as you are inactive on Tinder, it How to see last active on tinder use your last known position. Does Wee show inactive profiles? Usually, Tinder shows you the most recently active people first apart from certain other criteria. If, however, you have run out of active profiles to swipe on, you may encounter people who have been inactive sef weeks or even months.

I saw someone I know on Tinder. Only if you swiped right and they did too. If you swipe hinder, they will never know with certainty whether you even saw them. If I send someone a message before I unmatch them, do they see it? No, unless they read it in the short time between sending and unmatching. When you unmatch someone, the conversation gets deleted on both ends. Does deleting my Tinder sse delete my profile? No, that only deletes the app. If you only delete the app, your profile will remain visible, though less so the more time has passed since you were last active.

If you want to avoid a potentially very unpleasant conversation with an SO down the line, I would recommend deleting your account properly. If necessary, by reinstalling the app first If I swipe in one location, and then change location, will I still appear to the people I swiped in the previous location? Yes, with a caveat. However, once you leave their maximum distance, your profile will be treated as if you were inactive, thus becoming less and less visible as time passes on. Can I only see people who have not yet swiped left on me?

After this, if you have a high number of waiting matches, tinder will show you mostly users you've matched with with some non-matches in between. If you have a low number of matches, tinder will continue to show you non-matches, but much less attractive than the first group. So why would Tinder mostly show you attractive users upfront? Showing you attractive users creates the perception that meeting attractive users from Tinder is a possibility. Even though you don't match with these users, you know there are attractive users on Tinder.

If the app was truly randomized, you would see mostly average users, which would skew your perception of the value of the app negatively. Why would they make sure that your first few swipes are not matches? The previous iteration of the app used to show you all your matches upfront. I have two theories for why this changed. The first is that I think many attractive women got to the point where everyone they swiped was a match. This is a detriment to the gamification, the feeling of chance you get when you swipe and you don't know whether it's going to be a match or not.

This leads to fatigue. The second reason for this was to get you to swipe on more people. By forcing every user to swipe through 10 people before getting your matches, you're now increasing the number of likes in the network as a whole. Attractiveness Score This was the big element of my previous post which I still think is still relevant. So we've established that one of the pieces of data we know is that Tinder shows you more attractive people for the first few swipes or so after logging in. Behind the scenes it's clear that to do this they have to determine which users are most attractive.

Deleting Your Account www. Deleting the app is only removing the app from your phone. It does not do anything to your profile. Deleting your account manually will make your profile disappear and you will no longer be shown to new people.

Tinder shows inactive profiles for some time before they eventually run out of people. To answer the ultimate question, yes! Even if you have been inactive, your account can still reach people.

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